Mucho Pyaar :o) x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Welcome ..Who? Why? Where? When?..

‘You should so start a blog!’ ‘Why haven’t you got your own blog?!’ ‘Have you got your own blog?!’ 

After months of mulling, weeks of weakness and days of deliberating, I have now succumbed and surrendered to the weird and wonderful world of blogging!  While some will be pleased as punch, some will be intrigued and the rest... will hopefully have a read, promote it and carry on indifferent and impervious.

For those who know me on a personal level, will already be aware of this, but the last few months of my life have been a bit of whirlwind! I’ve gone from your average Joe to RADIOWALLI! To those of you who are unaware, yours truly is now a RJ (Radio Jockey/Presenter) for the Number One HIT Music Station For Asian London, Buzz Asia!

...How? Why? Where? When?...

Well I shall answer but one of those, well actually two :o)

Where: Buzz Asia 963/972am OR online

When: Monday to Friday, daily 2pm – 5pm (GMT).

For the answer to the remaining two, make you sure come back to the next blog-post, where you can learn more about the world, the Reality of RadioWalli...

Tell then.. Keep it locked; Keep it buzzingggggg....