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Friday, 28 December 2012

Rest In Peace, Amanat.. India's Wake-Up Call..?!

'At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.' 

A passionate patriot, I have always been very proud of my culture, my heritage and my roots and used to feel unlimited amounts of chest-swelling pride, when I listened to pieces like, Jawaharlal Nehru's 'Tryst With Destiny'. However, tonight, as I type away, I question his words; did India really awake to life and freedom; is this truly a statement that applies to one and all...?

Tonight, not only a nation, but the whole world, morns the death of the beautiful soul Amanat, (Damani), who very sadly passed away, after fighting for her life, against the injures of being brutally attacked, assaulted and gang-raped by six males, in a moving bus, in South Dehli.

I prayed and pleaded for this poor young girl to somehow pull through this nightmare and live, and I am sure, like millions of others, people around the globe spared a thought or prayer for her. I am also confident that 99% of these people did not know Amanat personally or any of her family. Yet, the humanity in one would have been very disturbed by this. 

What does not shock me, is that this is not an unknown issue in India, but a common issue with just different angles, in each case. In fact, even as Amanat lay fighting for life, in Safdarjung Hospital, a 15 year old teenage girl, was checked in along the same corridor, having been blinded in one eye, leaving her disfigured, as the result of four monsters attacking her with acid, some three months back. How many people know her name, know her story, know if she is even alive now..? 

Something that has really shocked me though, is the amount of people that, through the powers of social networking, have said how the men who committed this dreadful crime, should be hung! I really, really, really cannot digest this! What will that achieve? Will that really be the end of the problem, I think not! It may temporary create a buzz and a slight, and I mean a slight, fear in people stomachs and perhaps for a short while, may make some stop and think, before doing something, but not for long - I am confident that within weeks, we shall be reading another rape story. The answer to this is a simple, but long-term one; education! And as with anything where a group of people need to be re/educated, it will not happen overnight and will take time, persistence and enforcement. Dehli did not become like this overnight and it will not change overnight.

Something that was brought to my attention, by a great friend and fellow writer, Amrita, was that people have had passed comments that this is/was down to the way the girls dress - are you serious?! What age are people living in?! Let me put it in simple terms, if a girl is wearing 'revealing/provoking' clothes and gets raped, it is her fault; what if she is wearing a saree and gets raped? Still her fault..? So if a guy is wearing shorts, it is alright for him to attacked and raped, as there is very little difference between shorts and skirts? These thoughts really do infuriate me and make my blood boil! Why can people not take responsibility for their own actions! What is the point taking two steps forwards, to then leap ten steps back with thoughts like this! 

I share with you all a piece, from my talented friend Amrita's blog, on her thoughts on this tragedy, as I think she has hit the nail on the head, with this paragraph: 

''Amanat’s case has served – so far – to highlight the many wrongs in Delhi society. Whilst it would be unfair to say that Indian society was the same throughout, it is equally important to understand that Amanat is just one in many. Since her tragic story emerged, I have spotted so many news stories tweeted by just NDTV alone about rapes of infants, deaths of infants who have been raped, suicides of rape victims, etc. Let’s not make Amanat’s case where we let our vision stop.'' 

It has just been released that Dehli Police will now invoke charges of murder against the six, who were involved in this brutal crime, as Amanat passed away, earlier on this evening. Senior officials stated that they were awaiting the official reports from the hospital and the moment they receive the paperwork, they shall be issuing murder charges. The six were initially booked under Sec 307 (attempt to murder), 201 (destruction of evidence), 365 (kidnapping/abducting) 376 (2), (G), (gang rape), 377 (unnatural offences), 394 (hurting in committing robbery) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code. Police sources also said they are planning to file the charge sheet in a court, early next week.  The police have now released the following information:

''The arrested persons are driver Ram Singh, his brother Mukesh, Akshay Thakur, Pavan and Vinay. The sixth person apprehended claimed that he is a minor and police have sought the court’s permission to get a bone check to ascertain his age.''

Again, I raise my argument and point that, what will issuing capital punishment achieve. The bigger picture needs to be addressed and analysed. Only then will something really prevail. This is the time for people to unite and give meaning to the 'power of the public...'

One request to all, is please maintain your own peace, this is a fight against attacks, rape and acts of violence against females; reacting with violence just defeats the purpose. It is time to really wake up, educate the society and make a stand. No country is perfect and such acts take place all around the world, not just in India, but if this generation does not take action now, the future looks very bleak...

I am sure it will come as no shock when I say, that this story does sicken me to the very core of my soul! I truly do pray Amanat finds eternal peace and may God Almighty give her family and friends the strength they need during this tough and testing period.

I seriously now just pray and hope that as this beautiful Angel sleeps, the law, the officials and the justice systems awakens!

Rest In Peace Amanat (Damini).