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Monday, 10 April 2017

Me, Myself and My Arranged Marriage: A Review

For those of you who know me, and know me well, will know I am a book worm, an addict and hooked to a book, from the tender of 3! I love to read and write, which is how I ended up with this space, I guess! I hadn't written on here in a long, long time and often used to think 'Oh God, I miss writing! This would make an amazing blog piece', especially when I used to get caught into interesting debates with family, friends and colleagues. I often even thought about combing my two loves of reading and writing, in the form a book review, but never got the opportunity.... Until now!

Picture the scene... It's a hot summer's afternoon and I'm sat in the Buzz Asia studios, hosting my brand spanking new Drive Time Radio show. I introduce the start of show, get a song going and just as I am bringing the fader down, which projects my vocals to the millions, in busts a beautiful, upbeat young lady! 'Hi, I'm Natasha, aka Nikki, aka the late night show host! We've been in emails together and interacted via social media, but it's so nice to finally meet you!! I've heard lots and lots about you, but not had a chance to meet you yet, because we work at such different time, but I stuck about after a meeting today, because I wanted to meet you and introduce myself. How you finding it here - if you need anything, please just ask!' And thus began a beautiful friendship.
Although, we worked very different show times, Nikki and I kept in touch, attended events, functions and shows together and even got to occasionally catch up, if I was ever covering a late evening show. So when I heard that Miss Asghar had finally put her book out to the public, I couldn't think of a better one for my first review! So now hope you enjoy my thoughts, my insight and my interpretation of Me, Myself and My Arranged Marriage. I look forward to your thoughts on mine..😁
When you are speaking to your friends and they share their private life, thoughts and feelings with you, one can sympathise, provide support or even advise and feel good about it too. However, when I first started reading Nikki's book, I felt awful, I felt naughty and I felt bad! It was almost like I had stolen her diary and was sat in a dark corner, hiding and reading it, like a naughty school girl, (Oviously I hadn't stolen the book; she very kindly posted me, my very own autographed copy!). This is further supported by the easy to read style that Asghar has chosen, with an almost conversation tone, between friends, which really allows her readers to connect to her.

The book opens up into the background of Nikki's personal life and upbringing, giving her readers a true insight into her personality, background and family home life. With this delve into the household, Asghar seamlessly creates an understanding, for the reader, into her thought process, the culture and how it works. This makes it an easy read for those who aren't from Asian background or exposed to the cultural and social norms, following with a summary of what is come in the book.
Asghar openly and honestly takes her readers through the trials and tribulations that many the young British Asian community members can identify and may even relate to! Certainly as a young, single, Brit Asian professional myself, I found me sighing and slapping my forehead in both empathy and sympathy half the read, whilst chucking and having many-a déjà vu in the other!
The book is carried across eight chapters, of the 'magnificent eight’ set ups over the years, where Asghar takes her readers through the journey of her dating dilemmas. The journey begins during her University days, where the first dormant dulha, (groom), is brought home. Over the years, or in this case, the chapters, both the author and it's readers grow in age, as we are exposed to the subsequent suitors brought to the doorstep through various mediums, from family members, to the workplace and even to the Asentas - my personal version of the Asian Yenta! What is interesting, is that whilst Asghar is quite modern in her outlook of life, we also see the traditional Nikki, who is respectful of her parents wishes in how the potential partner is introduced, coupling with her openness and acceptance of arranged marriages.
The old before his time gent, the status chaser, the schedule-caller and even the international admirer, Me, Myself and My Arranged Marriage will leave you giggling with glee, smiling with sympathy and cringing with confusion as each chapter uncovers something for all! A great start to your writing career Nikki, I am sure we all look forward to the sequel.

Mucho Pyaar :o) x

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